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Need to use the PowerAmp,the Preamp broke, help please


Hi guys,
Happy new year again
foind out the preamp in the marshall vs8080 doesnt work,

But the return of power amp is till working,

As i need to play with headphones

Took off the speaker cables and

Connected the line out to my mixer and then headphones, only the maste rvolume is working,

The sound is good, i mean the respond is nice, but the sound is not muffled but on "the darker side"

The chords separation is still nice, what can i do

Eq in front of return
Eq after line out
Other suggestion

Thanx tgp guys


Silver Supporting Member
It will be darker just plugging into the power amp in jack. The preamp does all the sound shaping.
Maybe you just need a new tube in the preamp, it's a Valvestate right?
Worth a shot, be very careful, up to lethal voltages can be there whether plugged in or not.
If any of this is unfamiliar, get it to a tech and have them do it.

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