Need tone help! Spider Valve

I just bought the combo and while I have no problem getting a heavy sound with all my humbucker guitars I can't seem to find a good "Skynyrd" type tone for my Strats. I'm looking for a good medium gain type of setting to play songs like Saturday Night Special etc with my Strat.
Anyone have any settings that will get me there?


Ben R

Have you tried some of the "Doves" patches? It's in the "DVS" bank of pre-sets. Try the first one, simply called "Doves". Maybe the one called "Doves 70's" (I think?)? Anyway, try some of the patches in that "Doves" bank & mess around with the knobs until you get what you want. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve, but you can start here. Or, maybe even just mess around with the Amber and Blue Twang, Blues, and Crunch amp models and fiddle with the knobs with each one & slowly find somethign close to what you want to hear.
I'll try the Doves. I tried messing around with the different amp models but with the strat it just seems kind of muddy. I'm getting some great heavy sounds with my humbucker guitars though.

Ben R

Some of the Albert Lee presets sound good & can be made dirtier, as well. I think there's also a patch called something like "Pizza Clean" or just "Pizza" or something? You might want to try tweaking that one a bit, too? I'm not near the amp & I'm trying to remember what might be a good starting point.


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i use the amber Blues amp model, Drive at 1:00, Bass at 9:00, Mids at 5:00, Treble at 2:00, Presence at 10:00.

the key is to forget the way you EQ most other amps. lower the Bass and raise the Mids. the Presence knob is really good between 10 and 12.

also, don't be afraid to try the Metal and Insane amps with the drive turned way down.

just some suggestions.


All good tips but also check out some of the 60s and 70s presets for the tones you're after. I think the "decades" presets are way better than any of the artist presets. YMMV

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