Needing a small amp. whats out there?

ok, I used to own a dag15 combo and loved it, but traded it for a maz, but now Im needing something smaller again. What other amps are out there in the same convenient cab size as the dag15? I know of the PR12 and older top hats. what all amps could he put in that size cab?


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check out a redplate blackloop, cd special or a tweedyverb combo. 40 watts in a fender champ-sized enclosure and only weighs 35lbs


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I've been enjoying my Blackheart Handsome Devil. Nice Voxy vibe for less than 5 bills.


I tried a lot of the low wattage stuff and the one I bought was the vht ultra. Very nice tone. For blues and classic rock its all there.
I just saw the bad cat lil cat 15, and it looks about perfect. Im wanting it to be very small for transport, but also loud enough for small gigs. I liked the DAG15 in that it had power scaling.