Neil Diamond isn't terrible..


Just listened to Tap Root Manuscript - excellent album.

Idk wtf happened halfway through but it went all African but not in a crappy way.
Really liked the whole album.


70's gold.
Yes, you hear it in isle 7 and while hitting the close button after selecting your floor, but it's there because those tunes are embedded in the experience of generations.


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being a receptor is dirt cheap; all you need is a pulse. being a creator is much more difficult.


I'ma ignore the numpties. I feel like they're the same person. :)


I'm hearing some things throughout Neil's work - not sure how accurate it is, but the earlier stuff and the more rockish stuff sounds like it's had some influence on the grunge movement of the 90s.

Might sound crazy but I mean, Eddie Vedder specifically sounds influenced by him big time, vocally.

I've noticed a lot of times the two sound really similar. Not just because they're both baritones.

The way they approach notes, phrasing and tone also bears some resemblances.

Random note - does Neil ever falsetto? I'm into Moods now and I can't recall hearing any at all.

Edit - spoke too soon, Canta Libre has like.. half a second of falsetto.

Edit 2 - google brings up nothing re: Neil diamond as an influence on Eddie Vedder. Ite.
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..been listening to some Neil Diamond today.
People request him all the time. Always super old people.

He got brought up in that thread I made about old fuddy-duddy tracks too.

I've never actually listened to the dude - just figured it was some old fogey bs.

Decided to actually have a listen, realised I know a load of his tracks and he also wrote or co-wrote other songs I already know.
Who knew he wrote Red Red Wine? Or cowrote I'm A Believer?

Big apologies to all the people that have requested Neil Diamond (or John Denver for that matter), and I've just kinda laughed it off because LOL DUDE'S OLD AS HECK.


Absolutely love finding great older artists. Great stuff.
Who knew?

good performer. Boring songs, but most of the public isn't looking for thoughtful songs - they're looking for something simple.

Interesting when we get older (my dad listened to john denver and neil diamond a lot and knows nothing about music or instruments, but the music is simple), you can go back to some of these guys, or the arrangers heard in the background, like Ray Coniff - the kind of stuff you'd hear at the Dr. office as a kid in the 1980s...

and then find something like this for Neil Diamond...

"He has sold more than 100 million records"

Boredom of the recorded music aside, ND is among some of the other guys - when you see live performances of them on YT or whatever, they are connected to the crowd and pros on the performance side.

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