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Nels Cline and CUP (Nels plus Yuka Honda) Friday 10/30 8pm EST

Music lovers, guitar nerds, and anyone who needs a little more joy in your lives - I hope you’ll consider joining us on Friday October 30th at 8pm for a special live-streaming experience featuring full performances from the electrifying and always inspiring guitarist Nels Cline (solo) and CUP, the duo of Nels and multi-instrumentalist Yuka C. Honda of Cibo Matto.

More info and tickets are available NOW for this incredibly special and personal event via the ARS NOVA link:

ARS Nova Nels Cline show link

The VIP ticket include a special signed silkscreen custom poster and signed postcard mailed to you from Nels and Yuka AND a zoom hang with these two beautiful people after the show AND a high quality audio recording of the show. All proceeds go directly to these two amazing artists and we all know how much artists need our support right now!

Hope you can join for this event that I am one of the sponsors for.

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Fantastic show! So cool to see Nels doing stripped down guitar direct jazz music ! And Cup was so much fun. It was really cool to see them performing live - and Nels socks were spooky! IMG_0053.jpeg


Gold Supporting Member
Aaugh! Missed word of this. Saw CUP a couple years ago at Big Ears and it was fun and unpredictible. I was right in front of Nels and it was interesting to see him standing on two pedals at once. Like a dance performance.

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