Neunaber Audio Effects USA - 2 New Reverb Algorithms + Tape Echo Algorithm (Coming soon!)


Just thought I'd repost this for my fellow TGP'ers as I know Brian doesn't visit the forum often. I'm pretty darn excited for this, haven't even heard them yet but I know Brian has been in the lab a lot lately so I anticipate these will be awesome!

From the Neunaber Audio Effects Facebook:

As a special thank you to all who have embraced the re-configurable pedal concept, I am overjoyed to tell you that I have been working hard on three killer new algorithms for Pedal Customizer software.

First, we will have not one but TWO new reverbs. These aren't just variations of the Wet Reverb but completely new algorithms that I personally like better than the stock Wet Reverb. The first is my variation of what has been described as a "studio plate" style reverb, but I think it's ended up more musical and hall-like. Either way, it's a very nice reverb that works well with pretty much anything. The second is something very special that melds this previous reverb with the Wet Reverb algorithm. Maybe this is a new-and-improved Wet 2.0? I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback.

By the way, both of these reverbs will have adjustable Pre-Delay and Modulation via Virtual Trim Pots in Pedal Customizer. Very cool.

Second, we have our take on a tape echo. This is basically what is in the Echelon Mono Echo (bet you didn't know this was a kind-of tape echo emulation). It's a really great, basic echo that sounds warm and musical. Plus, it will have adjustable Tone and Modulation via Virtual Trim Pots in Pedal Customizer.

We hope to launch this new version of Pedal Customizer in the next couple weeks. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of updates:

Again, I thank you all for believing in and supporting our products.

—Brian Neunaber

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