Neural DSP release tease (Archetype: Rabea)

Here we go!

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Am I the only one tired of teasers?

Every one is exactly the same. I’m not suggesting they put big money into some major ad campaign, but would it kill them to change it up a bit? We get it, a silhouette with the word “soon”. I think they believe it’s become some kind of catchphrase, but I’m having difficulty deciding if it’s a sign of laziness or lack of creativity. Or perhaps a combination.
Im sorry, can you spell it out for me? Who is this and what amp does it point to?

That's Thomas "McRocklin" McLaughlin, and the implication is that this would be another Archetype release.

I don't think that'll be the case, but, who knows...
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I think it's a GK ML-250 sitting on an extension cab. :p

That reminds me, I should probably do some captures of mine. Access to the requisite jacks on my QC will be a lot easier when I finish my pedalboard update. :idea

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