Never got into Jeff Beck, where to start?

I remember People Get Ready and Ambitious from the MTV days. My older brother played me Cause We've Ended As Lovers. Great tone on that one. What are some good songs or records you'd recommend for people who don't know a lot about JBs work?
Blow By Blow
Guitar Shop

In that order.

After that you can dig deeper, if you like it. These are the classic records.

Watching the Live At Ronnie Scott’s performance is a good overview and you’ll see the brilliance in action.
Couldn't have said it better ^. I mentioned to my wife as I was leaving this morning that I wanted to dig the Live at Ronnie Scott's DVD out of a box in storage. I saw him in Detroit and he had such a great band during that period.
I bought these three albums at the same time when I was a teenager:

Blow By Blow
There and Back

Immediately hooked for life.
I bonded with BbB and T&B right away, whereas Wired was a more acquired taste for my 16 yr old ears. A year or so later, I was a Wired nerd. At that point, I started trying to find any and all JB recordings I could scrounge.
I really connected to Wired in a big way about 10 years ago and it's been my fav ever since.
With that said I need to spend more time with some of the others myself. Guitar shop is a great one as well.
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Well, for accessibility for the uninitiated I’d suggest:
She’s a woman and Freeway jam from blow by blow.
Then maybe move on to Cause we’ve ended as lovers, and Diamond Dust from the same album.
See if anything works for you.
if you want more rock try Beck Bogert and Appice, more rock with Vocals try shapes of things or truth.
more fusion try wired
more of everything try guitar shop
more 50s try “with Imelda may”…

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