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    Jul 25, 2003 least not to this extent. I've seen many new guitars improve in time, some by a lot. But usually it take 5 to 10 years. I bought a MIJ 62 custom type tele from Ishibashi about 2-3 months ago. I immediately changed the saddles to the saddles i prefer on all teles and changed the pickups to a USA 62 custom (not just because the name matched the model type, i just like them) and a twang king in the neck. The guitar was bright to a fault. The bridge especially, i was ok with the neck because i could tame it well enough. So i tried a few other pickups setting on a nocaster because they are rather dark.

    Anyways, at some point the tone seemed to darken nearly overnight and I thought that MAY have been when i put the nocaster in. I usually remove the neck to put a bridge pup in because it's easier then removing strings. I thought maybe that was why, maybe it just sat in the pocket slightly differently, but I had done that a number of times already trying different pickups and no changes occurred. I DO recall thinking the nocaster really helped but don't recall whether i thought that fixed the brightness issue totally.

    FF to the other day....i felt it actually was sounding TOO dark now. I can't say that was due to the nocaster and i didn't feel like that right after i installed it, only that it helped. And how could a pup swap cause it to go totally in the opposite direction with just a vintage style pup? So i threw the 62 custom back in to see if it became overly bright again. But instead of that it just became clearer but not real bright at all, just right. My other 2 teles are both brighter where as before it was much brighter than the both of them.

    I have no clue how this could happen to such a degree and while i tried to explain how it happened the best i can recall, i can't really put my finger on the exact timeline. I just know that at some point AFTER i had made any changes like wiring and saddles, it seemed to change radically from having an abundance of somewhat harsh and pervasive top end to a round thick top without a trace of harshness. I post this to share and to see what others think of it because it's sorta bizarre. A GOOD bizarre, but just weird. If it were a rather subtle change I wouldn't have bothered to post, but it went to "did i make a mistake" to "love this tele" in no time. So strange.

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