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Never thought I'd say this but I think I'm getting bored w/ the MLJR


I love my MLJR. Looking forward to try out out the new version when it comes out. I also have a carbon copy on my board that I think is fantastic.

I miss my El Cap sometimes. Might have to pick one up again. I bet you would eventually regret selling your MLJR for an El Cap. Maybe not...

Billy Idle

Wampler Faux Tape Echo (tap version) is a cool option too. The modulation is really tweakable. Sounds huge !


I believe the Memory Lane Jr.2, which was shown at NAMM, has some new bells and whistles. Maybe look into that, when it drops. :dunno
Just checked this out. Holy crap I want that. I never use the triplets. Longer delay time would be nice. Looking forward to hearing longer clips


Just checked this out. Holy crap I want that. I never use the triplets. Longer delay time would be nice. Looking forward to hearing longer clips
Should be out right after they release the Slider.


Tweed Tube Tone Purist
I understand the desire of wanting something new, and when the newness of something you've had for awhile wears off. It is like a drug like others have stated. Nothing wrong with it necessarily unless that desire gets out of control.

With that said, I understand where you're coming from with the Diamond ML JR. It is a no frills, no variety type of delay. It is a simple and beautiful sounding delay without any gadgets or gimmicks in it. It is not one of those pedals you own and sit back and say, "wow, this delay pedal is so cool and fun to play with." That's not its design.

I think having a second delay to pair with the ML Jr. rounds out someone's delay arsenal to perfection and keeps the desire for switching or wanting something else at bay.

My favorite ambient or washy type of delay to go with my ML Jr. was the Diamond Quantum Leap. I tried and went through the Strymon delays plenty of times and in the end the sound quality and personality of these Diamond delays just won me over. They are just so full, and colorful and vibrant. They're absolutely wonderful sounding. IMO the Strymon delays sound flat or black & white in comparison. But the Strymon stuff does do the controlled oscillation and washy delay stuff very well, and they give you options and variety.

I think you selling the ML Jr. you would regret. I say save up and get a second delay to your liking. If you want something to tinker with, then Strymon is a good option. Otherwise the Diamond Quantum Leap has an amazing dark and washy delay tone going on. If you want chopped off low end oscillation the QL won't do that.

The Diamond ML Jr. 2 may be exactly what your looking for in one delay unit. Unless you want something you can tweak.

The Catalinbread stuff like the Echorec and Belle Epoch look cool too but I'm a tap tempo delay type of guy only. Even if I never use it, I always want it available.

I tried the Empress Tape Delay and I thought it was alright. It didn't win me over at all. I think it sounds like a Diamond toned tape delay - but was, I don't know... just not it for me. That's my personal opinion though.
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