New 11R clip..from massive NON-professional


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I am probably the worst player here, so go ahead and hate on my sour note and don't mean nuttin' to me..

I was attempting to do a "melodic" slow bluesy type of thing which I certaily am not good at (as you can hear), but it is the patch that I think sounds so good..

I named the track "Failure to Yield" as I was not able to even control my bad playing enough to be slow and melodic, hence "Failure to Yield"..get it..? LOL..!

The awesome patch is from the website, from a member there (and here) known as "X-mann" and I did some "tweaking" I guess..that is probably what you pros do, but us hacks just start twisting knobs and stuff, and this is what I got out of it.

The backing track was from youtube, and for whatever reason, I was stupid and changed the name, so I do not know who to credit for it..but I really like it, and hope no one is mad at me, as I don't mean to "steal" anything from anyone..:hide2

So anyone thinking about the 11R, they are pretty freaking amazing devices, I just wish my playing was on par with the quality of the unit..!!:D

crap..I really need to learn how to embed stuff on this forum..yet another epic failure..


Not bad man, overall a pretty good thing. I'm a relatively slow player so that was actually right up my alley. I have stuck with the melodic, bluesy approach as of late and really sometimes it is harder to play slow/melodic if you are accustomed to playing really fast.

I just got my eleven rack last week, I made this Gilmour inspired preset and did a take of "Castellorizon" check it out:


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Birdie, that was very good. Tone and playing. 11 rack smoked on that track.

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