New Alexander Radical Delay DX

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by The Holy Drinker, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. DisasterArea

    DisasterArea Owner, Disaster Area Designs and Alexander Pedals

    Jun 29, 2006
    Bend mode is fun - try it with an expression pedal controlling tweak and the delay time near minimum. Sweep that tweak up and down and listen to those step jumps!
  2. 72Telecaster

    72Telecaster Silver Supporting Member

    Feb 22, 2011
    MPLS, MN
    Just uploaded my demo of the Radical Delay DX. This one is fun! It's more cinematic/soundscape-y...but hopefully you get a feel for what this pedal can do on guitar and synth. I was initially skeptical of the clock function, but man the low clock settings on some of the modes produce some really fun textures and glitchy/noisy effects. I had a blast doing the demo and am excited to keep exploring..

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  3. Tri Pedal Reviews

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    Jul 31, 2016

    00:16 - Modulated Mode
    03:32 - Bend Mode
    08:33 - Dual Mode
    10:42 - Reverse Mode
    14:39 - Arp Mode
    20:14 - Dynamic Mode
    22:34 - Expression Control on Rev mode
    25:11 - Yapping
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  4. Always-Ben

    Always-Ben Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    I was waiting for this! Sounds great!
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  5. Always-Ben

    Always-Ben Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Anyone here on TGP get one yet? Find any cool sounds?
  6. jondom22

    jondom22 Supporting Member

    May 15, 2012
    Brooklyn, NY
    I just got one today. Was lusting after it for a while. It's really, really fun and sounds awesome! I've only had a few hours playing with it, but its def going on my pedalboard to complement my Particle V2.

    Bend Mode can do "quantized" ascending or descending pitch shifted delays that can be rhythmic or sound more like an 80s video game coin shimmer! You can also set the Alt knob clockwise so that the pitch shifts stay at the same interval (and don't ascend/descend), and can even be used as a general pitch shifter or harmonizer with the delay rate set to minimum. There's plenty of other interesting sounds to make in this mode too.

    Arp mode has 8 different sequences, and each of those is either above or below the root note(s) (ie minor arpegio the ascends or desceneds, major arpegio that asceneds or desceneds, chromatic and octave. It's really cool to put the delay time at 0 and just use the rate knob to set the speed of the arp, or use the arp sequences just on the repeats. Again, tons to explore in this mode.

    Mod Mode is a standard digital delay, where you can add in a very wide pitch modulation to the wet signal. Alt controls the rate which can go from pretty slow to very fast. The depth knob takes it from off or subtle to completely shifting the sound for creating wild pitch shifting. You can get a nice 80s standard digital delay with modulation sound, or turn the delay rate down to zero for a very cool pitch vibrato effect with the wet knob maxed. Turn down the clock rate for some very lofi with clock noise for a warped vinyl type sound or for some character to the repeats.

    Dynamic mode can go from a subtle pitch bend to the wet signal, or a full on lazer zap. Basically your pick attack dictates how much the wet signal will pitch shift (its actually a shift in delay time, but the effect sounds like a shift in pitch). With the Alt knob set towards the counterclockwise side only the louder string plucks cos the shifting, whereas the alt knob set towards clockwise changes the sensitivity threshold so that every note triggers big shifts. With tweak towards either side of the dial the effect is more extreme, and its also highly interactive with the delay time and repeat knobs.

    Dual Mode is basically 2 digital delays. The main one is set by the delay knob/tap tempo/subdivision and feedack knob, and the second delay path is set by the Tweak and Alt knobs. The only downside is that the ratio between these two don't stay when changing the delay time of the main signal. My wish would be that the Tweak knob would actually be scrolling through different rhythmic sequences (instead of the second delay time), and the Alt knob would be adding something like sample rate reduction or another source of modulation.

    Reverse mode can be used as a standard reverse delay, a forward delay, or a time-stretched/pitch shifted delay. Basically the tweak knob goes from forward (counterclockwise) to reverse (clockwise). Between those positions, the delay then becomes time-stretched (and as a result pitch shifted, lower fidelity/noisier) to the point of crushed sounding with the knob at noon. Additionally, when the tweak knob is not fully clockwise or counterclockwise, the main delay time will shift as well. With the alt knob fully clockwise you hear exactly what the tweak knob is set to (fully reverse, fully foward, or time-stretch in between). As you pull back the alt knob you can mix in a second delay line that plays foward only. With the alt mixed in a bit, you can then have a normal clean repeat + your reverse/forward/time-stretch/lo-fi'd repeat which can create some interesting sounds.

    In all modes, the clock can be reduced. This can either introduce a subtle flavoring of the wet of the signal that sounds a tad more lofi, to pretty much completely crushed. With lower clock rate, you will also get more clock noise (if you're into that...which I am), but this also shifts the delay time so it's not reflective of the delay knob/tap tempo. I think it's practical uses are for creating weirder sounds that don't need to be tempo synced, or for introducing a bit of warmth to the repeats.

    Overall, I'm very happy, and highly recommend it! Between the glitchy, granular and other textural sounds of the particle v2 and the radical delay dx, I can really design a lot of sounds that are unique and complement each other, which also having two different digitial delay lines for basic usage if needed.
  7. pcs9527

    pcs9527 Member

    Dec 13, 2018
    Thanks for the detailed review!
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