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Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by glasman, Nov 19, 2005.

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  2. glasman

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    The playing (I know the playing isn't the best) or the sound that bad? 55 views and no comments.....
  3. I thought all the clips were great sounding. Very smoothe jazz sounding. I could not really hear the difference from the first neck pickup clip to the second. Same with the bridge clips.

    But I could tell the bridge pickup sound from the neck, that was forsure.

    It sounded very mesa boogie. What amp was used?

    Great clips and cool sound man.

    Take care.
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    Oct 14, 2004
    Sacramento, CA
    There's very little difference in tone (to my ears) between the post-OD tonestack clips and the bypassed clips...probably because you set it up that way. However, the post-OD clips did seem to lack some of the dynamics of the bypassed clips. May be my imagination, but it just seemed like there was a subtle harmonic that was missing.

    Either way, that's a great sounding amp! Just the inspiration I needed to drag my amp back to the garage for a few tweaks. ;)
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    Thanks much. The differences in the clips is very subtle, you can hear it on the leading edge of the notes. There is a touch more "skritch" or bite with the stack enabled. Also there is a little less sustain with the stack enabled. Listen to the very last note of the bridge without post overdrive stack and you will see what I mean. It hangs there for a long time.

    The amp is one that I built myself and doing a little fine tweaking on right now. Trying to find that happy place :)

  6. glasman

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    Norm you are right there is a little something different between the two. I did have the amps feedback enabled and lessens the effect between the two modes. With the feedback disabled the difference is very apparent.

    The clips are a little (or a lot) mid heavy. Need to dial it in a bit more.

    You just can't do enough tweaking...... on amps that is......

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    Here is a link to the backing track

    Santanaesque from David Henderson's Nothin' but Clips site.



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