New amp day - Acoustic 150

Lespaulsignature 74

Gold Supporting Member
I remember them from the early to mid 70's. The other guitarist in the band I palyed in back then had one. It was quite loud and cut through pretty well for a solid state amp. He ran it through a vertical Vox 4x12 cab loaded with Altec 12's. I don't remember the switches being red though. I just purchased a new Acoustic 600 watt bass head and it's a beast.....!!! Good luck with your new/old amp!


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I had one and sold to a friend who still has it. I sold it to him in the early 70's. Full blast it doesn't distort. We used it as a PA too. We also jumpered it through a bassman head and that sounded exceptionally good. I can't tel you how but there is a way. Perhaps that little Gnome could also do it. That Gnome is one under the radar;great amp!.

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