New amp day... Woooo Hooo!! Hayseed 30


Well, for 4 years now I've wanted a Hayseed 30 but circumstances have never lined up to where I could get one (when I had no money, they were everywhere.... when I had money, I couldn't find one).

Well, the stars lined up and I finally got one and it was delivered today!!!! After replacing a preamp tube and all the power tubes, thanks to FedEx, it's up and running!!! I will say this....... all the hype is true! These are the be all - end all AC30 amps IMO.

I got one with the following options: EF86, half power switch, Tremolo, Weber Blues, and the allwood mod...... I was REALLY wanting a red one, but the one I ended up with has always been my favorite color scheme of any amp (see pics below). :cool:

the cleans are beautiful and chimey in channel 2, crank it a little and it overdrives nicely..... Thick and chimey all at the same time. Channel 1 is a little dark by itself (ef86 side), but jump the two channels together and you've got a custom sound all your own, but still all AC30. The Ef86 side, when blended in, seems to add a meaty low mid to the nice AC30 chime. Crank it up and you get a really thick overdrive/distortion (think AC/DC level of overdrive). It has one of the best master volumes of any amp I've ever played.

I'm glad I didn't get the AC30H2..... The Hayseed is much better quality and sounds better and is more versitile than the AC30H2.

I'm pretty tired, worked all day..... so I'm just going to post pics and then get to bed shortly.




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Congrats, and Lookin Good SirMan! Are these priced within reach??? Wait times for this? I like it. NO, I like it a LOT ......:rimshot


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Jealous... we emailed back and forth last week about Hayseed's in general, I'm happy for you bro. I might have to just pull the trigger on one... I need tubes, I miss my modded AC30cc and like you I have always wanted (but never just freaking bought) a Hayseed. Rob is GREAT and his work is spectacular. FWIW, PLEASE DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS, ASK ROB YOURSELF but I inquired about a Hayseed 15 build and the time estimate was MUCH shorter than the 5-6 month periods I had heard in the past. YMMV.

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