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New amp-Matamp

The amp sounds great, the guitar plays great and the chord just never get's tangled. What more could ask for?
I however am just a basement basher. And if I was gigging I would never have a white rig. But its nice for the home.
As do I my friend. I take it you aren't familar with these amps ?
Actually I tried a 1224 W/ matching 2x12 cab a few years ago and was totally dissapointed , I could not get it to sound the way I wanted at all and it sounded like it had a heavy blanket thrown over it so I returned it . They do not come with a technical overview on how they operate ( somewhat complicated IMO ) so I may have missed something in the multiple settings and switches , some of which were not even marked :jo

I'll stick with my Carr Slant 6V thanks :)

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