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So I am looking for something that can get it all done. I need a decent amount of gain on tap. Not a ridiculous amount but enough to play 90's alternative easily. I want an articulate gain as well, something that is heavy but not muffled. Very clear and articulate is a good way to describe how I like my gain.

I also need something that has good cleans. I have a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and my only complaint is that on the clean channel, it cannot cut through my band's mix without me having to turn up the gain and it begins to breakup on about 6 on the gain. I have found a way around it for the time being by running a Caroline Guitar Icarus Boost as an always on pedal and leaving the gain on my clean channel on the amp at 4 which sounds fine, but I could go for something with a little more shimmer.

I could either get an amp with exquisite cleans and takes pedals well and run it with an a/b/y box with my Mesa or get something that does what my mesa does better than it is currently doing.

I will never get rid of this Mesa as it was one of the last gifts I received from my grandmother, but I would love some suggestions from you guys.

Amps I was thinking about: Soldano (SLO is out of my price range, but thinking hard about the Hot Rod 50+) or an AC 30ish type of amp. I have also been looking at the Bogner line with the Shiva being my favorite of those amps.


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