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New Amp: Voodoo Amps V-Rock100


Well just like I figured, it arrived minutes after I left for work this afternoon :p I haven't had a chance to crank it...actually, I haven't been able to put it past whisper/normal speaking volumes. From what I CAN hear so far, it sounds really really good :D

For those unfamiliar with the amp, it's Voodoo Amp's 80s Rock amp. Basically their version of the modded JCM800s and Plexi's from back in the day. I believe they started with an 800 and beefed up the design, made some improvements and worked their normal voodoo on it. What makes this one even cooler is that it also has their high gain update so you can kick in an additional gain stage (rock to brutal) AND you can also use the onboard Boost switch.

Here are specs/general info:

The sound of hard rock guitar was defined in the 1980s by highly-modified Marshall™ master volume amps. The most famous of all being those amps modified by California-based amp tech, Jose Arredondo, who's work on Van Halen's amps were the thing that legends were born from.

The Voodoo V-Rock™ is a custom circuit amp that faithfully replicates the high-gain guitar tones of the 80s. From EVH to George Lynch, the V-Rock is ready to produce complex harmonics and screaming sustain.

The Voodoo V-Rock™ features a brushed brass faceplate panel and highly polished brass control knobs for Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master Volume and Gain.


* Hand crafted, built & assembled in the USA
* Point to Point / Hand wired circuitry
* Preamp Tubes: 3 - 12AX7's
* Power Tubes: KT77's
* EQ: Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble
* Master Volume


* Speaker Outputs: 2 - Heavy duty 1/4" jacks
* 4, 8 & 16 ohm impedance selector
* Mains & HT Fuse Holders
* Detachable 3-prong power cord (IEC connector)
* Voltage Selector: 110V, 120V, 220V & 230V operation

Our V-Rock was designed around a JCM800 2203 but with more gain and a much smoother/more liquid like feel (IE: you do not have to fight the amp). Artificial/pinch harmonics come out easily, the EQ is very active and musical sounding, we've tapered the Master Volume more since it's initial release so it is much smoother and does not come on all at once like the JCM800 2203's, there's some great bottom end on tap that is tight but still fun to play on (can be rolled back to simulate the older 80's tones). You can also roll back the gain control and get tones similar to the older plexi/JMP/JCM800 2203's.

Factory High-Gain Modification & FX-Loop;
We also offer a high-gain modification (additional preamp tube) than can be bypassed to return to the stock tone as well as an FX-Loop. There are two (2) additional switches on the front panel that allow you to switch between the stock tone (Rock Mode) and the high-gain tone (Brutal). When you are in the Brutal-Mode you can also engage the Boost switch to add more gain.

Present users;
At present Jack Frost is endorsing the V-Rock, Doug Aldrich has had one for approximately 6 months and has used it on the recording of the new Whitesnake record. Richard Fortus of Guns & Roses has been touring with one and used it on the new GnR record (heard a new song on the radio last week titled "Blues"). We recently shipped one out to Michael Wilton of Queensryche, etc.
Hopefully I can turn it up tomorrow morning before leaving for work again...otherwise I'll have to wait until Monday. Clips will be coming for sure though.

Also, big thanks to Josh at REBEL AMPS for this one :) He's a great guy to deal with and I definitely see myself giving him some more business soon. If you haven't done so, checkout his new site above. He carries Voodoo Amps, Diezel, Engl, Framus, Caparison, and a lot more cool stuff.

Here are some pix:



awesome! yes, please post some clips, been wanting to hear one of these
for awhile.

Jay Strange

Silver Supporting Member
Congrats dude! Thats one bad mofo! I totally regret sellin' mine:jo
I'll definately be back in the future. How about that low end???:crazy
Incredible master and wicked fast response.The most underated amp I've ever come across.


Cool! I really like the V-plex, it had much more gain than the 83' 800 I was playing. I can only imagine how much gain that has on tap with the brutal switch engaged :crazy

I looked at that amp alot of times but there's nothing on it on the web. I going to stop at their shop in the summer and I'll bring my fav Strat to test one. I like the high gain mod on that one.

I just picked up a Modena60 from Josh at Rebel AMps as well and he was great to deal with. Highly recommend him if you're looking for a boutique amp.

One more thing, man you take some good pics.

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