New amps from Ace Pepper!


Howdy! It's been a while since I've posted here. Here's a couple vids for new amps around the house.

The Speedster is a 18 watt, 1x12" combo. 2xEL84, 3x12AX7 tubes. EZ81 tube rectifier, cathode biased. No negative feedback. Classic Brit-style power, high-gain 800-style preamp. Controls for gain, volume, highs, mids, lows, and dark. Switches for more/less (more gain in the preamp) and here/there (here=American/Fender-style tonestack, there=Brit-style tonestack.) This is what I thought the Brit-style combo oughta sound like.

The Two-Stroke is another 18 watter, this one a head. This one's a bit different, based on a 800-style circuit. Solid state rec, adjustable fixed bias, bias test points. Also EL84-powered. Controls for gain, loudness, highs, mids, lows, presence and resonance. Switch for gas/oil (gas=more gain) Pretty much a scaled-down version of my standard TopFuel amp. Fixed bias makes this amp a bit more efficient. More power, more punch, better headroom. Can get very clean or very dirty. Plays great with pedals! And who doesn't love a Hawaiian shirt amp!

Write me at [email protected] if you gotta have one of these. And you know you do!;-)

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