New amps: Handwired AC30 head and Marshal 2061x


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Hey guys, recently picked up both of these amps from a local shop that gave me a great deal to take both off their hands. Curious about their tonal capabilities and applications from the TGP community as I haven't had a chance to play them with the band/record them yet and I love getting some ideas or tricks in use beforehand. For reference my main amp now is a DRRI and I love it, just though both of these sounded great and I had some cash to burn. Also, I'm a fuzz and overdrive nut so any experiences with pedals that have good mojo with these amps would be helpful.


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Those are two amps that just don't need fuzz & overdrive. Crank 'em up and enjoy the real deal, power tube overdrive. What do you have for cabs?


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