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Hi Folks,

It's Chris with Blackturtle ( I am announcing the new Blackturtle Reveal cable. This cable combines the Blackturtle solder-free connectors and Evidence Audios' Reveal cable.

You may notice that we are supporting TGPs 10th anniversary with a $250 gift certificate prize. If you havent already, join the giveaway to win.

Real quick, I would like to point out a few things about the Blackturtle solder-free connectors. Below are two pics showing how we make the solder-free connection to the cable. The pic on the left shows the right angle plug tip and collet. The cables conductor wire slides into the collet fingers. As you see, the collet fingers will radially compress around the cable conductor. Very solid. You will also notice how the signal will travel from that connection all the way to the plug tip. No solder, no junk, full sound. The pic on the right is of the straight plug tip and collet.

The pic below is of whats inside the plugs barrel. You will notice a compression spring. There are three of these springs inside. During cable assembly, these springs are activated. The spring that you can see compresses around the cable shield for a fantastic 360 degree radial ground. This drastically effects any bad sound poor grounds may cause. Behind the visible spring are the other two. Their job is to keep the cable from coming out of the plug after assembly. This point is very important. Solder-free cables are notorious for being fragile. Let me tell that you can seriously hang a pitbull from this cable. It is rock solid as far as durability is concerned. 100% built to last.

We are looking for honest feedback on this product. If you have bought this cable from us, your comments would be greatly appreciated here on TGP. We make decisions based off of your unbiased feedback.

If you like the Reveal cable tone, we think you will love it with these solder-free connectors. Additionally, we offer it for the same price as the soldered Reveal cable. Please give us a try and let us know what you think.

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Was this plug developed with any collaboration from Tony at Evidence Audio? I recall hearing something about a new solderless plug a few months ago. What other cable (brands, sizes, etc.) would work with this plug and can you show a photo of it in relation to a standard sized plug, or maybe a shot plugged into a pedal.

Also, in regards to the The Reveal cable and others like it (Sommer GrindyCopBeast) that utilize laquer/litz coated stranded wire to avoid strand interaction (aka the "skin" affect) - how can solderless plugs possibly work with these have to burn/melt off the coating so all strands come to a common contact point at each termination. How do you accomplish this and assemble your solderless plugs? I'm not seeing how this would work very effectively.

To play devils advocate, honest question: What advantage is there in buying one of your 10' solderless cables for $99 when the same cable is available with soldered neutrik plugs for as low as $75 (authorized EA dealer on Ebay)??? Not trying to hurt your business right out of the gate, just thinking realistically here. I thought the beauty and main attraction to solderless cables was the easy to assemble DIY, affordable aspect of pedalboard patch applications made to custom lengths.

From your website:

Our Take

The Evidence Audio Reveal cable has a very interesting build and is very popular with their current users. Each of its' copper strands is individually litzed so the strands do not interact. The concept here was to achieve a solid core sound using strands. The result was the big sound of solid core with the flexibility of strands.
Coupled with the Blackturtle connector for a solder-free completion, this cable combo is a real bully. Very clean, reliable and flexible.
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^ Good questions! I was about to post the same thing about the Litz conductor issue.
Also, do you sell just the plugs separate for EA custom shop guys?


Hey guys,

No, we were not in collaboration with Tony for these connectors to fit specifically with the Reveal. However, he is fully versed on the connectors and gives them the nod.

Other cables types actually work quite well with the connectors. However, we sell them exclusively with the Evidence Reveal, pre-assembled. We can warranty this way. I will post photos soon of the connectors side by side against some neutriks. You will see our connectors are quite compact to be housing all that muscle:)

Yes these cables have litzed strands. Tony has done a great job paying attention to detail when he made this series. This cable, and ones like it, separate the strands down the entire length of the cable. At termination, we alcohol burn the litz and the strands group. However this is true with any termination. The litz must be burned. The difference is the our way doesnt contain harsh metals that solder contains and the signal travels straight down the copper highway.

To answer the advantage of our price question, the Evidence cables that you see posted on Ebay, or wherever, reflect last years pricing. Evidence has changed that for 2012 and on. That said, the advantage is that you get the Blackturtle connectors on your Reveal for the same MAP price as a soldered Reveal.

There is a beauty in solder-free DIY patch cables. We will be launching our version of the solder-free DIY fast, friendly, affordable patch plugs ASAP. However, these Blackturtle Studio connectors were designed for the guitar to amp/pedalboard connection.

Thank you for playing Devils advocate and giving us the opportunity to answer questions like this.

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