New board, goodbye Diago, hello Pedaltrain


Laid out my new board at the weekend, I fancied something smaller and lighter and since my gigging arrangements have changed considerably over the last year the need for a hard case is no longer required, so I went for the new Metro 20 with soft case.
My bass player has an older Pedaltrain and straight away commented that the new design soft case is a better quality.

Cables are Lava which seem ok, although I found neither the instructional videos on Youtube or the instruction on the back are the way to go. I found a much more reliable way after many hours of fiddling, but thats another story. :rolleyes2:

Anyways here we are, and please note the eagle eyed among you, those aren't the settings for the Archer or Fuzz, I'd literally just finished testing it and that where the settings fell.


Funnily enough the board and pedals are lighter than the empty Diago board.


I used to use a diago showman. I was amazed to see it was made out of ply and not concrete.

I too have jumped to pedaltrain. I really like your mini setup.

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