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New Booster Pedal


Just picked up an Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Booster pedal for 40 bucks. I leave my Xotic EP Booster on all the time because I love the way it fattens my Strat tone but I wanted something for a plain signal boost and this thing sounds pretty good. Has anyone else tried one?
I've had several over the years. Unfortunately for me, it's not really clean enough for when I just need a boost. The grit it adds doesn't play well with other dirt pedals IME. I'd rather just have a truly clean boost and OD/distortion separately.


those are actually my 2 favorites. these days i use the ep all the time but i used to use my lpb1 all the time. into a dirty amp it sounds great. it turns distortion into an almost semi-fuzz once the level is around noon. mine wasnt too noisy either.

i was not wild about how it sounded into a clean amp, though. thats most of the reason i use the ep now, it sounds great into clean and dirty amps.

i definitely still have my lpb1. i still like it a lot plus my wife bought it for me. :nono


I've had one for years and use it all the time. What you need to know is:

It's not an entirely clean boost. You can hear this by turning it all the way up and then backing WAY off on the amp volume or volume pedal.

It rolls off high end when engaged unless there's a strong buffer in front of it. Try putting it first in front and then after a buffered pedal like a TU-2 and you'll see what I mean.

The LPB-1 can be overloaded by a very strong signal in front, resulting in a lightly overdriven sound. This means that if you have the LPB-1 on, and you try to boost clean volume with another pedal in front of it, you will get drive and may run out of headroom.

I leave it on when I play garage rock into a clean Fender amp. Just makes the amps and fuzzes sound better to me.

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