New Boss SL-2 Slicer

sounds like a winner to me. soundonsound puts the price at 169.99€, which is reasonable enough. maybe street price will be even lower? on a quick search, i can't find it anywhere in my usual shops yet (in GER, that is)
I'm putting this all here mainly so I can stop having to flip between browser tabs to compare things


1. Hooray, I'm excited. Never had the SL-20 but this looks fun.
2. Are they making a bigger version too like they did with the Space Echo? (doubt it since both of those were officially announced at the same time).
3. I'm going to start basing my fashion off Boss demo videos. I swear there was a recent Boss video with a dude wearing jean shorts too.
4. I want a Slicer built into my guitar so I can turn knobs as I play.
Boss isn't holding back! I don't think I'd use this pedal but it seems cool. Can't wait to see what they release in the coming months/years.
The Slicer is a cool effect! I like using it, but when I write a song with it, then the whole song is kinda built around the tempo of the Slicer. It’s fun to combine it with other effects to get a glitchy Chase Bliss sound as well. I wonder if the SL-2 would work nicely with the SY-1.

Also, I have a feeling their next pedal will be a remake of their RL-20 rotary pedal in the small form factor. The RL-20 was always an underrated Leslie sim.

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