New Cab Day! Custom 1x12 from a fellow TGP'er


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Got this beautiful custom 1x12 solid pine cabinet from fellow TGP'er @Faraldi about a month ago and couldn't be happier with it. His website is:

I got mine with the cane cloth grill, stained wood, and a convertible back for open or closed use. It sounds incredible and is very resonant. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my tone since hooking up the Two Rock to it and it came pre-drilled for an 80s ev12l that I wanted to put in it. Holes lined up perfectly when I received it and installing the speaker was a breeze.

Joe was a pleasure to work, highly recommend using him to build you a cabinet if you're looking for something custom, or just different than everything else out there! He does beautiful work, my pictures don't do it justice. I'm definitely not a photographer, but hit him up if you're in the market for a new cab, you'll be happy! :) Check out the joints and the way he rounded the edge, classy work, Joe!



Like I said....not the best pictures, but I didn't want to unhook and move everything.

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