Sold New Callaham Vintage Strat Trem Bridge (complete assembly)


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I just bought this for a project that isn't going to happen, so if you want to save some money on a brand new complete Callaham Strat trem assembly (block, plate, saddles, '64 'virtual pop-in' trem arm, springs, screws---everything!), here's your chance.

This is the Vintage NARROW (V/N) assembly -- which means it drop-in fits all Strat bodies with vintage screw spacing (American Vintage reissues, Custom Shop models, actual vintage instruments, signature model Strats, MIJ/CIJ reissues, MIM 50s/60s/70s reissues, etc.). All the specs are here. And here.

However, it is engineered with a slightly narrower string spacing (not mounting screw spacing) so that your E strings don't sit quite so close to the outside edges of the fretboard. If you play Strats, you know what a great idea this is.

I did open all the packaging to inspect and screwed the block/plate to my project body with two screws just to confirm a perfect fit (it was) but the project went no farther. (I also soldered a ground wire to the claw so you don't have to.)

Because the Vintage/Narrow assembly required Callaham to create a retooled block, saddles, and plate to work its magic, it's more expensive ($165) than Callaham's traditional assembly.

I'll sell for $135 regular paypal and free shipping anywhere in the USA!

Trade interests (+$ if needed):
- Fulltone '69 mkII
- Fulltone '70 mkI or II
- Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret mkIII
- Lovepedal Les Lius
- Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin (HPTT)
- Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz Face (the blue one or BOG model)

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