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New color prototype for J. Mayer PRS Silver Sky


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With a maple neck both the color and the headstock would look pretty good like Clapton.



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It doesn't look futuristic enough.

I remember he went with those colors because he wanted to add a modern spin on a vintage style instrument. He mentioned tesla's color being an influence.



Oh he's got Rosewood again! Doesn't he read his own marketing?... Choosing and promoting rain forest lumber for signature guitars is in conflict with:

"John Mayer’s brand, AKOG (Another Kind of Green) was created from the belief that small steps toward environmental sustainability can effect widespread change when multiplied by a great number of participants. AKOG has been present on Mayer’s tours since 2007." http://www.ecorazzi.com/2012/04/13/20-bands-that-care-about-the-environment/


"Mayer strives to be environmentally aware, and has partnered with Incase ... to produce items such as reusable grocery bags and water bottles...Mayer has supported the following charities...National Wildlife Federation..." https://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/john-mayer

I suspect a few PRS employees are on this forum and should really suggest Mayer pursue alternative materials like Maple or even Roasted Maple and put forward a message of local lumber to support local forestry jobs and a more sustainable industry. If it's about 'tonewood' I bet he could step up his playing a little bit to compensate for any fears he may have.


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