New combo amp for my GT-5


I've been using a Boss GT-5 for over 10 years, starting with a Peavey KB-60 for monitoring or outright amplifiication live. It sounded pretty nice, but then I realized it had a sort of plastic sound in the high end (probably the piezo).

About a year ago I got a Hughes & Kettner Tour Reverb, thinking that it might be nice to have an amp could amplify the GT-5 and also be a backup amp in the event of the GT-5 failing. I'd tried it in the effects return and in front input - just couldn't get a hyper clean sound I liked (think JC-120), plus the reverb and effects weren't as hi-fi (although the included V-30 worked quite well for overdriven sounds).

I play mainly funk, but need some overdrive sounds for crunch and solos.

I wasn't about to get a heavy and overpriced JC-120, which would probably have done the trick.

Finally, I tried a used Fender Ultimate Chorus amp last night, and I knew I had a winner.

I haven't yet decided whether I'll be using the effects return or the front input with tone controls, but I will enjoy tweaking it along with the GT-5.

Yes, I'm drooling over the GT-100 (and will buy one when I can afford it), but I know the GT-5 inside and out. It has most of what I want, but I sure would like a Rotary effect, graphic EQ, and dual amp/efx signal paths, along with patch spillover.

What blew my mind is that while trying out the Fender with the GT-5, someone mentioned that one of my solo tone was very Eric Johnson-like! :rotflmao

IMHO - the Ultimate Chorus is an inexpensive alternative to the JC-120.

Also, it just goes to show you how important it is to mastering your equipment, and really, when it comes to critics of modeling amp tone, it's usually cork sniffers. For being in a band where lots of different sounds are required and the click of one pedal, you can't beat modelers.

Granted, my ultimate rig would revolve around a Mark V or a Lonestar, but the convenience of just may guitar, GT-5, and amp get me about 90% there.

Cheers to all you modelers!!!


My Brother uses a Digitech RP1000 and a Fender M80 Chorus amp. The M80 has a very nice clean channel and works well amplifying the RP.

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