New combo amp from Port City - The Merino 10 watts of bliss w/ Pro videos


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The Port City Merino - tweed never sounded so good.

Port City Amplification is proud to announce our newest electric guitar amplifier, the Merino. This hand-wired, 10-watt tube amplifier recalls the tweed-style tones of the past and provides a clear and smooth platform for a wide variety of playing styles. With a very useful and simple set of volume and tone controls, your ideal sound can be achieved in seconds, allowing the player to get back to playing music. The combo comes with a WGS G12C, a speaker that works together beautifully with the Merino to give the player smooth speaker breakup at reasonable volume levels. At a strong 10 watts, this amplifier is capable of easily holding its own with a full band or keeping it controlled for small practice spaces.

The Port City Merino features:

· Master Volume Control

· Master Tone Control

· 2 – EH 6V6GT power tubes

· 3 – JJ ECC83 preamp tubes

· 5Y3 Rectifier Tube

· 10 watt output

The Port City Merino is handmade in North Carolina, USA using only the highest quality components. Our amps use SoZo capacitors, carbon film resistors, custom USA made transformers, and Switchcraft jacks. The Merino combo is crafted from ¼”inch finger jointed solid pine.

List price: $1,650

Width: 20”
Height: 17”
Depth: 9 ¼”
Weight: 39 lbs


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