New Delay Day & EHX Memory Man + Memory Boy Review/Comparison


I've been using the same delay for at least ten years - a battered little Guyatone MD3 I got back when I was in high school. I recently have wanted to add more texture into my rig and decided an analog delay with some modulation would be the perfect way to both improve my delay tone and add color to my otherwise straightforward setup.

I had always liked clips I'd heard of the Memory Man, but it isn't cheap. I noticed EHX now offers a Deluxe Memory Boy with a nearly-identical feature set to the tap-tempo DMM, so I decided to order both and keep the winner.

There are more similarities than differences. The tap and subdivision functionality works as advertised on both. Both take up the same amount of real estate and have similar power needs. Here's how I'd compare them.
  • Delay tone: the DMB's repeats are much darker and almost have a "whomp" to the sound. The blurred quality of repeats can actually make the DMB lusher than the DMM if you really want to sit on an ambient pad of sound, but the DMM is very rich as is and sounds better for more precise passages. The Memory Boy has a low-pass filter, but I didn't find it effective. By pulling out the lows, the repeats become thin and quiet.
  • Modulation: both sound great. It's easier to dial in the mod with the DMM; the sweet spot on the DMB is smaller. The square wave function on the DMB sounds pretty extreme and personally isn't a feature I'd use much or value.
  • Delay time: the DMB seems to be capable of a bit longer delay than the DMM on the max end.

In conclusion, while I'm not a Memory Man connoisseur, the DMB gets the vibe right and has identical functionality for $80 less. It can be dialed in to sound very similar, and for some applications it can potentially sound better than the DMM. Coming off a digital delay, I preferred the cleaner/more accurate repeats of the DMM and felt that $80 wasn't enough for me to compromise in the long run. The DMM stays, the DMB goes in the return box.
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la noise

Cool. Nice write up. :aok

I have the DMB, and have used
it quite a lot over the past 4 or 5
years. I consider it one of the most
underrated delays out there. :)

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