New delay help needed



I play in a cover band and I need an programmable delay in my pedalboard. I currrently have a boss dd-20 but the 4 presets aren't enough for my needs (why boss doesn't release a dd-30? :( ). I also have a TC flashback delay and I love it. I had a eventide timefactor and I didn't love it and I would love to get a timeline but it's extremely hard to get in Europe (yes, even worse than in the USA), so I've narrowed my options to the following:

- Ib modified nova delay: has an analog dry-through signal or it converts it to digital? can get the same tones that with the flashback? (I love the tape and 2290 settings)

- M9: love the extra versatility (more effects, not just delay) but it doesn't have an analog dry-throught, isn't it? and it really hasn't presets, hasn't it?

I don't really know of other options, as I need several delays types. What's my best bet?


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