New Demo Video. Lucky Dog Televangelist Serial #000007

Hope you enjoy! This one is loaded with RC Pickups. I used to use several of the big name players until RC sent me a sample set & I just completely fell in love with them! This is the black-tie bridge & '57 Bloodline neck position.

These are not parts-casters. No off the shelf bodies/necks used. These are all built from scratch with very specific design characteristics and specs. I build every guitar as if it were going to be mine, taking all the time needed whether it be 2 weeks or 2 months.



I have to say that your Lucky Dog Tele is one of the more articulate and resonant sounding
Tele style guitars that I've heard in a long time! The notes are jumping off the fretboard! Those
RC pickups sound exceptionally good! I'm considering a Tele style guitar in the near future but
I'm a LEFTY! Have you built any LEFTY models yet! I really like the slightly reliced look of
this particular LD Tele! :D

Mac Baker
Hey Mac.... appreciate the compliments. I'd agree on the tone. There are several aspects to my builds that help the tone & almost give a "3D" type sound compared to other tele's. Unfortunately, I have not built any lefty's yet. I don't have a CNC program for a lefty body (yet). You are the 2nd person to ask for one.

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