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so after awhile of having my metal zone modded by a friend, i decided i want to go to something new. the metal zone has alot of gain, but the sound and tone isnt clear enough to get through. so i am looking for something with a decent amount of gain and yet clear enough to be heard. i generally play alternative or indie and nothing like heavy metal. i use humbuckers with a peavey classic 50.

so any suggestions? or a suggestion to cleaning up the sound produced by the metal zone?


I have a Dela Blues and I use a RATII for distortion, it is pretty versatile and can get heavy or can be used as just a boost, I am really tempted to get it moded but it sounds great stock.


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I have a Barber Dirty bomb on its way, check out the clips on Barber's site, it may be just what you are looking for. You can also get the Metal zone modded....


Some suggestions:

Barber Dirty Bomb - versatile, med to high gain
BYOC Shredder - also versatile, voiced like a Marshall w/3 way EQ.
CMATMODS Brownie - Similar to Shredder but voiced differently.


I would suggest getting the Keeley Mod done to your Metal Zone. I have one and the other guitar player in our band likes overdrives which tend to stand out more than heavy distortions. Long story short, it took me a while to tune the MT-2 so that I got the tone I wanted and was able to stand out in the mix.

My suggestion, lower the trebble 10~11 o'clock, set the bass to 1~2 o'clock, and the low, high mid to about 1 o'clock. That should give you a bit of a mid boost while keeping the fizz down. Oh yeah, and keep your gain to about 1 o'clock. This way the distortion will not get muddy. The tone controls on the Keeley modded MT-2 are fairly sensitive, so it will take some time to tweak propery, and this settings only sound good when your tube amp is cooking.

For best results, include an MXR 10 Band EQ after your distortion :)

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