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hey all.

i just bought a duo glide from saul. it's the red korina shown on his web-site with the z-90 harmonic design pickups.
i've been playing this guitar a couple of months now.
i am astounded by this guitar. i've had many many guitars along the way and some really amazing ones. all of them were excellent instruments but i'd still was searching for something i could hang with and get pretty close to everything i needed.

what strikes me about this guitar aside from the extremely beautiful design and details is how it feels and sounds.
the korina body is a resonant tone monster. it chimes like a bell but still has a warmth and depth that covers a huge spectrum.
the neck is very fluid and even with 011 strings it feels slinky and easy to play.
saul is a great guy to deal with. this is my third koll. he wants to really match your concept and mixed with his luthiers skill and original design for me it's a no brainer. that's just me.

the bottom line for me is not about collecting guitars. this thing is a work horse and sounds fabulous. i've used it on sessions and live and it never lets me down. now i can beat the living s--t out of it and see every little ding as proof for me that this thing is a keeper.
if i knew how i would of put up more pictures of it. sorry bout dat.
josh c


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I've seen your guitar on the site, look very cool! I have a duo on order too, going to be a while, but really looking forward to it! These guitars are very special and unique pieces.......



I have a glide jr on order. TV yellow with x2 lollar pickups. Saul makes some sick guitars and every one is a custom job. You can't beat his prices either. I am going to get another from him at some point in the future.



killer geetar. i kist love my duo almost 2 years later.

a weird thing - i love the look of the headstock when you are playing - it just looks super cool -sometime i zone out on it...


dirk nixon

I've got a Superior on order. This is my first custom order so it's driving me crazy. I've wanted to change the specs all the time but I haven't... except for once. I don't want to be a pain in his ass. The price on his Superior is crazy good. Here's what I'm getting:


-Vintage fiesta red with matching headstock
- 1 piece Alder body
- maple neck
-Sperzel locking tuners
-Graphtech nut 1-11/16"
-Ebony fingerboard
-10" to 14" compound radius
-6105 frets
-C shape neck .840 at 1st - .940 at 12th
-25 1/2" scale
-Real MOP fretboard dots and MOP side dots
-Tornado straight pull headstock
-no binding
-Kind of a Strat shaped black pearloid pickguard and matching trem plate.
-S/S/H (Vintage Tallboy/ Halfbreed/Muy Grande)
-Strat style layout volume and tone (push-pull for splitting
-chrome knobs
-hipshot trem

Just ordered a Duo Glide exactly like the Black Gretsched out
one on Saul's website, except I'm going with a Korina neck
and a chambered Korina body. I can't wait for this one to
arrive. I know this is going to be one amazing instrument. Saul
has mastered the craft of combining tone, beauty and
functionality. One of the best of the new generation of designer/
builders IMO.

My favorites of the new breed of designers/builders are:
Jim Soloway, Saul Koll & Johan Gustavsson.


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hey Cliff .....Saul made that one on the site for me ...It replaced my Japanese Duo Jet....boy did it replace it .AND every other guitar I`ve ever played in the bigsby semi ac vibe . Mine`s Korina too but with a mahogany neck and a full scale . The low notes stand up to a firm strum and although the neck pickup is only @ 4k ...dishes out a beautiful clear thump with a hearty amp . Unplugged it rings like a mini 000 18. You`ll be grinning
big time when you play that thing . Mine`s a year old last month and is sounding richer already . My only doubt is the neck pickup choice . It`s a
tv jones filtertron classic and the bridge is a plus @6.5k .I`m thinking of trying the new tv jones neck powertron (@5k)....because on stage sometimes the neck pickup is dwarfed by the hotter bridge . good luck,Paul

I'm going for a 25.5 scale length with 2 TV Jones Classic+ PUPS.
What scale is yours?

I fell so madly in love with the pic of your guitar on Saul's site.
I just felt that it was completely beautiful and totally functional
at the same time. A real work of art IMO. It appears to be
everything a well designed guitar should be. I was originally
thinking mahogany back and neck but I was told that Saul
has some absolutely beautiful sounding Korina and I could
not resist the temptation to go that route and give this guitar
a bit of a different twist from the original Duo Jet layout.


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hey Cliff..yeah 25.5 ....makes the Bigsby more reliable because of the added tension , makes the bass firm and not flabby like the duo jet ...makes the
tonal nuance more expressive from the fingers. Makes the guitar sing ,loud and clear dynamics .....bell like ring from the korina/maple but still with a husky resonance unlike alder or ash . Saul nailed it ...sings like an acoustic flat top ....not an arch top tone or a middle humped 335...I`ve never played a guitar so much on the bridge pickup only . Never harsh ,piano like ..oh , did I mention I love the guitar. Takes a set of 11`s and still gets me bending to my hearts content .I think the classic plus on the neck will work better than my classic / classic+ combo . When`s it due?I`m a new yawker too although I and the guitar work out of the country mostly .
Should be here 1st week in November. 11's are the only
way to go on a Gretsch type guitar. Where in NY are you?
I'm a Long Islander for the past 14 years. You should come
visit and check out the Soloway guitars. The evolution of the
electric guitar here and now.


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born and raised LI.... to Manhattan to a gig in Brasil for the past few years ...come up and back alot though . I`d show you the Glide but it`s staying in brasil on my next trip up
next week .thanks for the invite .
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