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New Fender Tele...


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I've owned lots of Teles over the years, but haven't had one for awhile. I just picked up a new American Deluxe Ash Tele. It's light, has the most beautiful grain I've seen in a Tele body, and has THE MOJO...a couple of interesting things I noticed....

Here it is:


EVERY screw in the guitar are phillips heads, EXCEPT for the tuners...weird...


Looks like they ran out of ferrules, and stuck any old one in the third from the bottom!


Oh well, I guess it gives it it's own special vibe...:RoCkIn


The American Deluxe series are great instruments. I have an Am. Deluxe Ash strat and I think it's great. Beautiful wood grain, great sound and an especially good feel to it though it is a little heavy. If I could afford one of the Teles right now I would definitely get one.

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