New frankentele. This might become a problem.


I've recently had telecaster fever. This particular one kinda fell into my lap, long story short a good guy and fan of my band contacted me via instagram and gave me the body. He makes them -his company is called Maverick Guitars-and if you like this I suggest you check out his stuff. Spent the past month and a half/two months getting it all together between tours but it's finally finished. This is my first partscaster and I am already wanting to do another.. Uh oh.

Onward to pics! Specs and **** below!






Basic Specs:
-Maverick Guitars alder double-bound body in Daphne blue
-Fender MIM vintage 21-fret maple neck w/ Fender deluxe locking tuners
- Lace Red Sensor (b) and Lace Tele (n)
- The hardware already came on the body so I don't really know much about it. I may change the pots in the near future. It also originally came with a white single-ply pickgaurd which I thought was tacky and too clean, so I ordered a cream 3-ply from Warmoth for a different vibe.

Overall, it sounds fantastic. The Lace Red Sensor is very twangy when playing clean but it's their hottest single coil and switching over to distortion, it is plenty thick and heavy sounding, with a little amp EQ tweaks and such. The Tele pup in the neck gets some pretty cool stoner rock tones when distorted but clean leaves a lot to be desired. My only problems so far are with the neck, the pre-slotted nut is wonky and the strings sit too far to one edge (High E is too close to the edge of the board, and the low E, a little too far) It's not drastic and unplayable but it's noticeable. But, I've heard that before when it comes to MIM Fender's in general, and I would like to put a nicer nut on in the future anyways. I'm also considering a shim as the neck sits a little low in the pocket and although the action over the fretboard is fine, the bridge saddles are too low causing the bridge to get in the way of my hand. Kind of annoying. Despite those issues with the neck, it is a beautiful slab of maple with a nice little amber tint.

Really impressed how well this thing came together on a whim, though. I'm thinking surf green next!


I have run into problem with other parts caster people bring in for repair.
Its not a difficult fix if you want to do it your self.

Basically the neck is not in align with the body/bridge.
You need to remove the neck, and pulg the holes.
What I use is a large "C" clamp.
Put the neck in place, and use your C clamp to hold it in place.
Place the clamp where the neck plate attatches.
Do not tighten the C clamp too much, only enough to hold the neck.
String up both E strings, and tighten them. You do not have to tune the strings, just take the slack out of the strings.
Your C clamp might block one you strings, unless you use a large enough clamp.
You now see where both land on the fret board.
Adjust you neck to where both E strings are equal distance from the edge of the fret board.
Drill 2 new holes in you neck. The new holes will probably be very close to the old location, thats the reason you plugged the old holes.
Place the neck plate in position.
Tighten up the 2 screws that were just drilled, and drill your last 2 holes.
Verify your strings are correct before you drill your last 2 holes
I use a thin piece of oak, <1/8"> or any piece of flat stock material to span the pressure of where the C clamp lands on the fret board so as not to damage any frets.
Once you have your tools ready, it should only take about 30 min.

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