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Hey guys. New here from Ma. USA. Hope to get some input on some problems I have had with some guitar issues.
with maple fret boards satin finish.Here's a list of axes: Note all are custom bodies and necks are all rock maple with maple satin finish necks. All have 500k volume pots, gotoh bridges, locking tuners, and compound radius necks 12/16.

Lollar black face strat
Klein s-5's loaded strat
lace Blue, silver, red pickups strat
Tele with Kinman avn broadcasters
Tele klein vintage 1950 and tri state
Klein epic 55' loaded strat.
Fender Jazz bass factory stock with lace active set up
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Hi and welcome. I'm also from NH, but they haven't kicked me out yet! So, I'll visit florida from time to time in the event I am ousted I can find property easily.

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