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New Fuzz pedals from Mojo Hand FX


3 new offerings from Mojo Hand FX

Most people are familiar with the BMP.
The El Guapo & Rounder - "el Guapo is super gnarly, but very versatile. Everything from straight traditional fuzz to gated, sub-octave noise. The Rounder is in the Buzzaround family. It's sort of a modified/production version of the limited Buzzaround that we put out last year." (quoted from the Mojo Hand facebook page)


There's a video on YouTube for the El Guapo - just watched it on my phone. I can't link to it here at work (I'm headed home, but will forget...), so search for "Mojo Hand Fx El Guapo Fuzz". Sounds wild, slightly ring-modulation ish, gated and collapsing, and fun!

If I get time in the next few minutes, I'll try to access TGP via my phone...

Ah, here we go.

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I put up a short demo of the El Guapo on the Strictly Fuzz forum.

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