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New Gretsch models - Summer 2005!




I just recently got turned on to Gretsch guitars, now I'm definitely getting one. My question is, about the models with the simulated F-holes, I understand the concept, eliminate feedback, very cool idea, but do they still sound like a hollow bodies, I was recently at a store and played both, and I liked each of them, but there did not seem to be a whole lot of difference in tone, accually I preferred the simulated one, but I'm new to hollow bodies and not an expert in the difference in tones. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



Senior Member
Originally posted by Redbell
I wonder how much the Billy-Bo retails for?
The MSRP for the Billy-Bo is $3,250.I have one ordered and got it for 3K after some haggling.



What are people feeling about old verses new. I played a new Gretsch 6119 Tennesee, it was great in every way, but a friend said get an old one they have a better vibe, and the new ones (Fender Owned) have better parts. I prefer New, but I am curious as to what Gretsch Players think.


Platinum Supporting Member
I owned a pre-Fender Brian Setzer 6120 SSL and it sounded terrific, but the neck was fairly thin, front to back. I've played some of the post-Fender ones, and the neck depth seems to have increased a small but noticable amount, making them more playable for me. I like beefy necks; if they had that option, I'd get one for sure, since I don't get that sound anywhere else in my stable of axes.


Silver Supporting Member
I f you're talking about the really old ones, say 50's & 60's, they are hit or miss. Very junky guitars with a great vibe. The best deal is to get one that someone has re-set the neck on, put the bridge in a box and use a tune-o-matic. HiLotron pickups stink, IMO... DeArmonds are the best with Filtertrons running a VERY close second... actually they are better in some ways, depending on what sounds you're after. This is all for the Vintage stuff. The newer guitars are better built but, until TV Jones started doing pickups, were weak in the pup dept. The best bet? A new one w/TV Jones. If you're a player, that is. Collectors have no interest in the new stuff!


Old Growth
Platinum Supporting Member
For that kind of money, you could have your own "signature" guitar built.

Bono does play guitar, and he's actually rather good. He's no Edge, but who is? :)

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