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    Apr 27, 2016
    Hello everyone !

    I wanted to introduce our unique & patented Guitar amp product called Noggin Rockers. Our "Green" amp is a pretty simple concept and does not require any batteries, electronics or electricity to use, but works off the vibrations of the guitar and works well on any stringed instrument. Just find the best tone on your particular guitar and attached the attachment pad to place the Noggin Rocker, stick the noise cancelling ear buds in your ears and play.

    At just $14.95 the Noggin Rockers offers an affordable option for just about anyone. Ideal for when your on the road in Hotel rooms, Tour bus, Apartments, Condos, Dorm rooms, Parents with sleeping kids, tortured spouses etc.

    For times when you can't crank it up, but still want to enjoy your guitar, you've got Noggin Rockers !

    As Seen on Guitar Player magazine:

    Check out
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