New Guitar Build - McInturff Carolina To My Specs (IT ARRIVED)


Now that is just incredible!

What a superb build!!!

Terry's work is just so amazing... looking at the wiring in the

Epic thread, epic guitar!

Big congratulations!!!!


I even like the signature on this one...the last letter looks like the line was extended a the look.

I feel like a lot of small builders (and even some not-so-small ones) get the headstock logos and/or signatures so wrong, and it ruins the whole thing. This does the opposite - makes me appreciate it even more.


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Wow!! That is amazing. The wiring is awesome. I'm out of superlatives.

Thanks. I'm out of superlatives as well.

The photo of the body, where you can see the reflection of the ceiling insulation in Terry's shop, is really cool. To think the ceiling was 25 feet away from the guitar, yet looked like it as a foot away, speaks volumes about the finish.

Terry was spot-on in his assessment of cure times, and his promise that he could make it look like a Yamaha Concert Grand. He certainly made good on that promise (as well as many others).


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Looks unreal.......can't wait to hear from you after you have had a chance to plug it in. Congrats !


Terry discussed with me that when I receive it, I should play it acoustically in a room with hard surfaces. He said it is extremely resonant (not just volume, but frequency focus - he achieved what he set out to do). He said I will hear a lot going on just playing it acoustically. He said to then plug it into a big, clean amp (I know exactly which one that will be), and I will hear those same properties and familiarity through the amp.

Interestingly, once the guitar had cured during the finish process, and Terry was able to handle it, he said he could hold the neck, lightly tap the body, and he could physically feel the transfer of frequencies and vibrations through the neck. I look forward to that type of resonance.

Since the guitar turned out to be exactly as Terry envisioned at the beginning of the build, I am sure it will be something to behold - both acoustically and through an amp. I look forward to it.

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What a great thread. So interesting to follow. Congratulations on a truly astonishing guitar. Hoping to hear some clips - especially through that big, clean amp!

Guitars like this are out of my reach, but I really enjoy these threads, and it's super-inspiring to read about builders like Terry.

Terry McInturff

45th Anniversary of guitar building!
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I just finished taping the box shut on Teleplayer's guitar.....

I must say that I am humbled by and beyond grateful for the extremely generous comments about me and my work in this thread.
Ive been doing this job for quite awhile now, yet I could never tire of this level of support as I continue to try to drive my work forward.

At this point I just don't know how to adequately express my gratitude!
Thank you....................................

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