New Guy From Seattle

I have been lurking here for years. Today I went and tried to register and found out that I already did! One year ago. I guess I finally found something to say.

I have played guitar steadily for over 40 years. I still gig occasionally (at age 57!). Would like to play out more but venues for live music have decreased.
It's the younger folk's turn and they should get first shot at the places that are available to perform. That's the way it should be.

Most of the time I spend in my home studio to keep busy with music. I also have taught guitar off and on throughout the years. I have also been teaching myself piano/organ for the last 15 years.

Thanks for having me here at the Gear Page!
Hi and welcome from across the water.

Over the water? I thought you meant Whidby Island!:eek:

I love all things Canadian. I have several friends that live there. I am 1/4 Canadian as my grandmother on my father's side is Canadian. She was born in Moose Jaw in 1895.

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