New Hendrix-inspired Strat on the way!

Good to have somewhere to share the excitement :BluesBros

I played electric for about 10 years, then strictly acoustic for the last 4 or so. Long story short, the tides have turned again and I have a new frankenstrat of sorts on the way. It kinda pays homage to both the Hendrix Voodoo and Tribute strats. It has an Olympic White 68 reissue body, with a left handed, compound radiused Warmoth neck (w/reversed HS logo, like the Tribute). The neck has also been professionally relic'ed (a little cheesy, but I dig the vibe), and has recently leveled and dressed medium jumbo frets. Its packing Chubtone 67 reverse staggered pickups, which I'm especially interested to try. I'm beyond stoked to get my hands on it! Enough talk, here's a few pics:






I'm also expecting a Mojovibe next week as well. I could never afford a vibe, and I'm a huge SRV/Hendrix/Trower freak. The only sad thing is, I still dont have an amp! Some of you may have seen my Lakewood M-32 acoustic in the classifieds - well, I'm hoping to find an amp plus cash trade for it if anyone is interested. Here is the link to my recently ended ebay auction for details and pics:

Review to follow - if anyone can help me out on the amp hunt, it would be fantastic!


The reverse big head looks killer!!!

I always hated big head Strats till the past few months, now I'm kinda warming up to'em.

Gary Ladd

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LOL, Hendrix never played one guitar long enough to create a relic, unless you count those in pieces! :D


eBay said:
I'm still on the trail to find my ulitimate strat.

I think i found mine this week... PRS custom 22 soapy... fatty stratty and maple necked goodness.


Dave Mc
Thanks guys :AOK Its setup for 10s now, but once I get it setup with some proper telephone wires, I'll be happy! I'm hoping this one's a keeper - I've owned an SRV (w/braz fingerboard) and a FANTASTIC feeling and sounding but admittedly hideous Blue Flower 69 reissue strat. It was so nice, I almost stripped the finish and kept it! I actually did sand the finish off the neck on that one (and loved the feel) so I anticipate good things.

Did a quick search for the Joe Perry guitar - didnt find a tele, but a Chandler strat with a tele style neck - cool looking axe:



Cool deal! The reverse big headstock does look cool.

I'm on my way to doing up a Voodoo Strat. I've got a JV Strat that I just got some Chubtone reverse '67s for. I have a reverse slant pickguard on it noe, but I think I'm going to get a another one in a different finish and just take this one off as an ass'y. I'm keeping the JV neck though, it's the cat's ass!

I'd love to hear how you like the Chubtones. It might be a while before I can install mine.

For an amp, try chasing down a JTM45 clone. They're not too expensive and do a killer Hendrix/Trower thing. I got a good deal on a Ceriatone recently.

My guit...


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Cool axe.

I've got a Warmoth strat with a lefty neck and Antiquity pickups. I'll post a pic if I can ever figure out how.


very cool! I'm warming up to the big headstock as well ( I started on a 72 strat and HATED the big headstock at the time )
Nice guitars, guys! I'll be sure to report on the chubtones. And I've always had love for the big headstock.

Things are coming together finally! Check out the pending trade bait for my Lakewood (not the actual amp, but the same minus the reverb):


Should be quite the change from the Fenders I'm used to! :BOUNCE

De - Fre

Joe Perry has a lefty strat body w/ a lefty tele neck, I'm looking for some info on this amazing looking axe.

You can see it at the charity concert for 9/11.

If you have some more pics please post them here!


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