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New Hot Rods Devills or AC30C2 any good ?


hello all ,
getting ready to purchase a new amp and been reading everything on the web about the fender devilles 410s 412s and the vox ac30c2. tried a few in the store but not in a live setting and i like the deville212 better as far as setting on a stool in front of the amp when i tried them .
i play country and classic rock in a loud cover band cover band using strats and a tele and my deluxe reissue just doesnt have the headroom i need, and once you leave the dance floor you cant really hear the amp like its getting lost in the mix even with a mic . i play the amp clean and use a timmy and a dirty little secret overdrives for dirt .

i never jumped the channels on the ac30 but does that make a fuller sound or just change the tone ? i never got to crank the amp either but read alot of great things about it. but i like a full sound with some low end and in the store it sounded a little thin. ive had a stangray in the past and it was great and also a fargen blackbird and a bluedrive .... amps i wish i kept now . but i have a limit of a grand really to spend and want want something new . so is this new ac30 working for anyone or should i go for the big 6l6 sound . a super reverb or a bassman would be awesome but i need something soon and just dont have the extra 500 for a new super....

and if any deville owners are out there which one sounds warmer the 410 or 212



4x10 for the sort of stuff you're doing, I think.
I'm a Vox lover myself, but I think for what you're doing... the FHRD will be the better choice.


Senior Member
it doesn't sound like you got to hear the AC30 properly. playing it quietly in the store is not doing it any favours. you gotta have that master volume up at least to 11 o'clock to hear what it can really do.


I really like the Devilles... all around good pedal amps.

Vox I had alot of trouble getting good non broken up cleans and it was overly muddy. Could have just been the one I was using but I did not like it

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