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New Job = New Guitar : Need Advice (Strat)


hey folks,

i am in the process of negotiating a new job offer. it will provide a considerable increase in income. so, of course I am GASing like crazy. This year, I hope to add a guitar and amp to the family. So, I am seeking advice on a Strat.
  • Definitely want a Fender
  • Willing to spend between $1 - $2k
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Not interested in later technologies such as HSS
  • Upgrades would be 5-Way Switch, 3-Ply, Locking Tuners
  • V-Neck
  • Unsure of body material
  • Custom Shop would be a bonus
  • a Relic would be a bonus
  • Currently looking at '62 RIs
My approach to amps is headroom and clean tones and use pedals for dirt. As far as the electronics, I would be looking for a p'up combination that would be classified as fat, buttery, clean, but not too hot at the bridge. I play primarily chicago blues ala Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and southern blues rock ala Black Crowes, Allmans, Widespread, Radiators, etc

I am looking for advice on stock Fender models to be looking for when checking out my local music stores. I have done a lot of reading on TGP and as must research as I can on the web only to find model after model after model and am a little cloudy.

Any Fender pundits that can lighten the way?


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You might have a hard time finding one to play, but the Custom Classic Strat w/ rosewood board and V neck would be my choice. You get a more modern 9.5" neck radius and, gorgeous figured maple neck, one of the most exquisite neck finishes you will ever play, and great pickups. Oh, and it's Custom Shop. I believe all the solid colored ones are alder.

It doesn't have the locking tuners, but it does have the 3-ply pickgaurd and 5-way selector. You can only get them in a new finish, however. The stock finish is poly, but a store in San Jose has about a dozen CC Strats special ordered in nitro for about the same price.

The AV62 would be another option. Or the AV62 Hot Rod if you want a mix of vintage and modern specs. I don't think you can get many relics (except maybe used) in your price range.


justonwo - thanks for the suggestion on the Custom Classic. i've moved to the NoVA, DC area and have some exploration to do to find some vintage shops. i am looking forward to trying these out. have you heard of these in nitro-burst?

thanks for the offer Lester, I am going to stay the path with the Fender for now! who know's, next year I will probably be building partscasters . . . who knows.


If you're wanting the vintage Fender vibe you could do a whole lot worse than the Vinetto Artifact DC57 that is for sale (not by me) that is in the Emporium right now and it's in your price range.


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With that budget, you can do a WHOLE lot better than a Fender.

Good luck. (Think Grosh, Suhr, Melancon, Anderson, Tyler, to name just a few. And there are others.) And that Vinetto is a fine suggestion as well.

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