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Hello everybody,

I´ve been reading this forum for a lot of time, but never registered untill now. I am from Spain and I write in some spanish and english music gear related forums.

I build analog effect pedals even though I wont talk about it here as I think this is not the right place.

I´ve been playing guitar for 16 years now and have many guitars, but my favourite is and will always be the stratocaster. Right now I play through a VOXAC15 with greenbacks, but I´m building some kind of twikable 30W SLO I hope I can present some day this year.

I just hope to have fun being part of this forum, learn things and maybe even helping others if within my knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

Scott Peterson

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Welcome to TGP!

About your company; here's what I send out to those that ask. Hopefully it will clear it up for you:

At this time, there is no advertising per se on The Gear Page; neither on the Webzine 'front door' nor in the Forums themselves. We encourage and try to foster participation in the forums of The Gear Page by manufacturer's and retailers. The only key that we try to establish and enforce is that manufacturer's and retailers answer questions directly without hesitation, but stop short of selling their products and services outside of the Dealer and Manufacturer's Emporium sections by mentioning them in answer to open ended questions. In the Manufacturer's and Dealer sections, you have cart blanche to start threads per the rules of the forum (one or two running at a time at most) and bumping (ie. posting to them with only the intent to 'bounce' them back to the top of the first page) once a day.

You are allowed and also encouraged to post a link in your signature so it appears in all your posts to your website; but we try to keep some sort of common sense approach to doing so - ie. no flashing screaming 72pt. "SALE TODAY!" sales messages in it. Members enjoy the manufactures and retailers participation on the board, but some self control on adding a sales message to each post is expected. Members can smell a spammer, there and posting ONLY to push their wares, a mile away.

We do from time to time offer periodic member giveaways whereas we highlight a review of a given product (that we do and post up on the TGP Webzine) and then conduct a giveaway of said item with announcements and sticky posts throughout the entire forum. That has been very well received by the membership. We have over 20,000+ unique visitors a day, averaging over 8,500+ new posts a day, every day. That might be something for you to consider in order to get some exposure for your business to the participation in the forums as suggested above.

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