New Les Pauls - Where's the Bell Tone?


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I bought a Gibson LP Deluxe (goldtop) back in 1973. I had the pickup cavities routed for standard humbuckers 10 yrs later. With the small humbuckers and with the regular humbuckers (Seth Lovers) my LP produced a bell-like sound.

Last December I had a 2013 Gibson Traditional LP with 57 Classics. I took it back to GC after 5 days. In January I bought an Epi LP Std from Sweetwater and put Seth Lovers and 500k CTS pots in it. The Gibson and Epi produce a similar sound - even before mods to the Epi. To my ears, neither the new Gibson nor the Epi have the same bell-like sound my '73 goldtop produced. One thing I remember about my Goldtop was the weight: it was a heavy guitar to hold on my shoulder every night. Is the lighter weight responsible for the new Gibson and Epi lacking the bell tone?


I have an R8 that weighs over 9.5 pounds and it has those bell like tones you're describing. Maybe it does have something to do with having a thick piece of mahogany with a maple cap. I have found that heavier LPs sound better to my ears. Most of the newer LPs are chambered so that might have something to do with it too.

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