New limited Toneczar Echoczar Quad !


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Nothing in the Analog Delay pedal world comes close to an Echoczar. It is completely its own beast. The level of Control, Modulation and Sound richness are all completely unique. The Angelbaby is also a must.


I can tell you the difference because I asked Ed (the builder) the same question. The 3005 is more percussive in the attack. It is probably better for rhythm (generally speaking) and the original Echoczar chip is a little smoother sounding and sounds better with leads (according to Ed). Either one is fantastic, but I already own several delays with the 3005 chip (Diamond, Memory Man) so I'm fine with the original version. Anything Ed builds is top notch. Ed is quite the perfectionist and would not release anything that wasn't stellar and/or meet his very picky expectations, so I'm sure it's bad ass. If I purchased a 2k delay though (and my wife found out) It would be WW3 at my house, lol.
Do you know what chips are usually used in echoczar, if they are not mn 3005?