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New Lovepedal - Super Sic (Fuzz)


I'm just glad it's not another mini pedal. The Bonetender sounds great, but i'm not really a fan of mini pedals.


Right? I would love to hear how this compares to the Bonetender.. Maybe @MAGICboy can come over with a gallon of GAS for us?
From an email I answered earlier..

The SUPER SIC is an IC based fuzzy sometimes gated circuit.
We weren't really going for anything particular with this one.

It isn't based on any vintage circuits like a fuzz face, MUFF or tonebender..

A very unique little "mod" a friend of mine came up with to trick an IC into fuzzy coolness.. I think it is pretty different from most fuzz circuits we do or have done in the past.


This pedal was quite a pleasant surprise for me. I was expecting it to be bender-like because the knobs read level and attack. However, I've been using it as my main overdrive now (prior main OD was LP eternity burst). Knobs around one o'clock. I prefer the half open circle which I assume is a mild mid boost- the other two settings full range (shaded circle), and mid-scoop (open circle). I didn't get the fuzz aspect of it, so I tried backing off the attack and loved that sound as an OD. For fuzz I am using a violet ram clone pending getting a skreddy. And for cleanish sustain using a Skreddy Top Fuel, which stacks well with the sic in front.


Robo Sapien NoiseMaker
Double Platinum Member
I'm not really a fuzz guy, although listening to @splatt use them has been enlightening.

But I really love this one.