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New Mezzabarba amps at DAG


I got a chance to spend several hours hanging out with Cliff @DestroyAllGuitars and played through two new Mezzabarba amps - Z35 Head (supposed to be named Z45 for production) and the Z101 Head.

These are easily two of the finest sounding amplifiers I've ever heard. The clean and cleanish tones were outrageously good. The fullness of the tone across all registers was simply remarkable. Even really high notes up the high E string with a Strat in the bridge position were punchy and full. The Z35/45 will take you from that ridiculously rich sounding clean to Bad Company crunch (and then some). The Z101 gets very similar clean tones but can take you all the way to 80s/90s hard rock tones. The amps are seriously quiet, simple to dial in and simply stunning sounding. When you get into the higher gain territory it was amazing to hear all the separate notes of complex chords and/or tension notes. The amps are super friendly to play - they respond to your dynamics exceptionally well and never seem to sound or feel overly compressed.

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